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The Amplification of Leadership Gaps


June 2020 In this chat with TinkerTV, Mandy discusses the challenges of leading through a crisis and how best to keep employees motivated, productive and emotionally engaged.

Linking Learning to Business Outcomes


June 2020 Are your senior leaders having the conversations they need to ensure their teams are connecting into what your organisation needs for the road to recovery? Find out more here.

The Power of Five: Season 3

The Power of Five S3, Ep 1


March 2021 This episode, we talk to Jim Kaloutas, Founder and President of a commercial painting and industrial flooring business in the US, about their focus on leadership and its contribution to their ongoing success.

The Power of Five S3, Ep 2


April 2021 During this episode, we welcome Brett Halliday, former President of Michael Hill Jeweller and current owner of Froggo Business Services to discuss the leadership journey that Michael Hill undertook and how it drove their culture.

The Power of Five S3, Ep 3


May 2021 During this episode, we welcome Luke Kenny, CEO of Local Government Procurement, a not-for-profit and Australia’s largest procurement aggregator for local government. Luke discussed the leadership lessons he learned as a young CEO.

The Power of Five S3, Ep 4


June 2021 During this episode, we welcome Peter Dubiez, CEO of Sydney-based Enviro Frontier. Peter discussed the leadership lessons he learned across 2 continents, as well as running an international business in the midst of COVID.

The Power of Five: Season 2

The Power of Five S2, Ep 1


November 2020 In the first episode of season 2, we discuss how trust is impacted during times of upheaval, and how what goes on INSIDE a company shows up OUTSIDE the company with the customer.

The Power of Five S2, Ep 2


November 2020 We’ve all seen the lists from top leadership experts espousing what they think are the top habits of great leaders. In this episode, we share what we think should make the list.

The Power of Five S2, Ep 3


December 2020 Empowerment – what does it mean? How can leaders empower their teams and, if they are successful at it, what are the benefits?

The Power of Five S2, Ep 4


December 2020 During this episode, we discuss how curiosity, creativity, and authenticity can show up in leadership using examples from Catherine Harrison’s new book

The Power of Five S2, Ep 5


January 2021 How the political leadership we have witnessed over the last few years can translate to what we see within our own organizations, both for the good and the bad.

The Power of Five S2, Ep 6


February 2021 During this episode, we welcome Chris Taylor, Founder and President of, to recap Season 2 and share his own thoughts on leadership.

The Power of Five: Season 1

The Power of Five S1, Ep 1


June 2020 As you reflect on the transition we have all been going through during this global pandemic, what is the one piece of advice you’d share with other leaders?

The Power of Five S1, Ep 2


July 2020 In this episode of The Power of Five, we explore how to build culture intentionally when working in a virtual environment to build the trust that is required to work efficiently and effectively.

The Power of Five S1, Ep 3


July 2020 In considering what we can “Reduce, Re-use and Recycle” from a leadership perspective, this episode considers three critical things…

The Power of Five S1, Ep 4


August 2020 How does being vulnerable and owning their mistakes impact the relationships leaders have with their team? And does owning their mistakes lead to their teams trusting them less?

The Power of Five S1, Ep 5


August 2020 In this episode we explore the importance of trust, connection and empowerment in the context of how remote work has amplified the scrutiny we have placed on ensuring people are working and being productive.

The Power of Five S1, Ep 6


October 2020 In this final episode of our first season, Dennis Stratton from Stratton Consulting Group joins us to elaborate on his key takeaways from Season 1 and discuss how the leaders he coaches are adapting to the challenges of COVID..

Leading through Crisis to Recovery


June 2020 Our virtual leadership initiative explores three questions across three levels of your organisation to connect your workforce for business continuity. Find out more here.

Returning to work vs rebooting work


June 2020 Mark Bloodworth and Mandy discuss how leaders can manage returning to “normal” vs looking at what we’ve learned during remote working and using those lessons to move forward.

Leading with Emotional Resilience


May 2020 Mark Bloodworth and Mandy Holloway discuss the need for more emotional resilience and connection between leaders and their teams as we move through crisis to recovery following the pandemic.

Young Guns Workshop


30-31 March 2017This workshop is for emerging managers, supervisors and accounting team members to develop their leadership skills and knowledge of the business of accounting firms. Mandy presents on leveraging personal networks and driving change.