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Build your Culture with Intention


September 2021 Workplace cultures are best built with intention, and not from spontaneous chats in the corridor or shop floor. Leaders need to take time to prepare questions that create connection with everyone in the team. Listen to the podcast.

What’s your strategy?


July 2021 The difference between producing a strategy and actually activating it is enormous – and one that many leadership teams have not yet mastered. Listen to the podcast on strategy activation.

7 conversations to have with staff


February 2021 The seven types of conversations you should have with your team members on a regular basis to help motivate them and ultimately increase the business’s performance.. Listen to the podcast.

Conflict inspires growth


September 2020 Disruption and challenging the status quo are key to avoiding stagnation of a business. This means having difficult and confronting conversations in order to innovate. Listen to the podcast.

The value of constructive feedback


November 2019 Feedback should not be about fixing someone. Instead, it’s about holding a mirror up to staff to make them aware of their behaviour.. Listen to the podcast.