“Let me echo the sentiment of others in thanking Mandy & Kevin for this amazing hub. After a truly challenging year the clarity and new habits, and just the chance to interact have really helped me focus and reboot myself as the year comes to an end.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to be part of a Mandy Holloway cohort again, and I’m glad to have shared it with so many new friends.”

Paul Tinker, Business Development Manager

“… despite a less than ideal start to 2022, I’m hoping we can be triumphant and conquer the challenge. I have really enjoyed [the Leadership Hub] sessions … it was so good to share closing thoughts of the experiences of last year with everyone. It is almost therapeutic to go through these things as a rite of passage in a way…..I look forward to participating and sharing [this year]. Count me in.” 

Annelie Xenofontos, Senior Associate Strategy

“I said it before and I’ll say it again…THANK YOU for the session this morning it was fantastic. So many things to take away from it. Loved the format, content, tips, your “one liners” and the level of engagement/interaction. We were looking forward to it for so long and it certainly didn’t disappoint! It felt very much in line with the initiatives that we are working through at Jacobs and it definitely felt more comfortable knowing everyone was on the same page in terms of our culture journey.

Really hope that we can work with you again in the not too distant future.

Lisa Weber, Senior Geospatial Consultant

“I have been fortunate to have been involved in the Courageous Leaders program led by the inspiring Mandy Holloway.
Mandy has a wonderful gift of being able to unlock your thinking and help to reframe the possible. This has helped myself and others on this program to becoming inspiring and Courageous Leaders. Her work is powerful in it’s delivery and outcomes.”

Mark Osborne, Program Manager

“Hello Mandy, I just logged off the Arup ConnectSTEM Fireside Chat and I’m buzzing with excitement! How refreshing to see a female leader who addresses issues directly. Your answers and tips were truly inspiring and I’d love to connect to continue this learning and leadership journey!”

Kathrin Breitenstein

“I listened to your Fire Side Chat today with Arup and just wanted to say how great I thought it was: inspiring, motivating and you didn’t sugarcoat the reality.”

Emerging Leader

“Thank you so much for your time today, such a wonderful and inspiring discussion. I love how genuine and authentic you were. You have got me thinking on so many levels! Today was our second official fireside chat and we had almost triple the attendees to the first one – so thank you again.”

Emerging Leader

“I was part of the IGNITION People Leader program Mandy designed and delivered for MetLife and it has transformed the way I lead people. The defining moment was becoming aware of my personality preference and seeing how different personality preferences contribute to a dynamic work place that leads to success.

Mandy has the tools to develop courageous leaders by providing a self-motivated learning space. Her own energy drives motivation to be a courageous leader and I’m committed to continue learning. I feel privileged having been part of this program. I would recommend any future or current leader to undertake this kind of learning with Courageous Leaders, you and anyone you lead will thank you for it.

Mel Robledo, People Leader

“I want to take this chance and express how grateful I am for the past seven months.

I wasn’t initially the most optimistic person in the program as I’ve been sceptical about all leadership and management workshops and materials for a long time. I had to try hard to lose my biases and come to the workshops with an open mind. This wasn’t something I could easily accomplish without the level of energy and positive vibes you kept throughout all six workshops.

The content, how you presented them, activities you built into them and your dedication to manage a relatively crowded workshop with such great passion and patience were just more reasons to loosen our guards and become companions in this journey.

Thanks again for this wonderful journey we shared together.”

Azadeh Maghsoodi, Product Manager

“I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you so much for such an amazing course.
I am not going to lie, I was very pessimistic about the course before it started as I usually find these things very unhelpful etc.

This course, however, has taught me more about myself and my working style in the first 2 sessions than any course before.

I would often sit back in meetings, not say anything but just take in everything people say and then talk when I felt necessary or if I had a valid point to make. Before I thought this was wrong or looked down on for ‘not being engaged in the meeting’. I now know this is not the case and it has given me a lot more confidence in the way I work.

I have also looked in more depth at my personality to really understand myself more. Questioning what really makes me tick. I now take 10 minutes after every meeting to think about what happened and also 10 minutes prior to a meeting to think about what’s going to happen and the type of people I am about to meet.

As a result of this insight my concentration levels and my drive and direction in work has increased.”

Tom Simpson, Category Manager

” I can say that our time together, with the work you guys did with us, has changed my life for the better. Both at work and home, relationships aren’t so scary anymore and the mask has come down more often than it is up. I’m not totally Mr Blue by any stretch but I am no longer Mr Red only!

Having open conversations, honest and caring, has certainly made my department a much more enjoyable place to work, not only for me but for all of the team here. It was only this morning that one of my senior operators was talking with me about some work and he commented how things have changed here, how he looks forward to coming to work each day and that there is a “family” type atmosphere in the Department. I’m just pumped up and jumping for joy on the inside when I hear things like that!

There certainly are changes happening here with more in the wind and not everything is set in stone as yet but I’m quietly confident that things will work out positively and that I’ll have a big part to play whatever happens.

You know I have my personal brand cards sitting in front of my computer screen and I refer to them at least weekly – they are some of the best gifts I have ever received. I am grateful for the experience and the time spent with our group, Leah and Mandy. You guys released a dormant part buried deep within and just gave me a chance to grow a little more. I’m on the journey and hope never to stop…”

Don Mitchell,Production Manager

“Some time ago you mentioned a particular challenge was to ‘get in the room’. The challenge was how does one get from walking past a meeting room where senior management were meeting and making particular decisions to actually being invited to be in the meeting and part of the decision making process.

Am pleased to tell you that recently I have been invited to these meetings and am now in the room. The challenge now is to stay there!

Am taking on board your advice of realising my potential and I thank you for your guidance and encouragement.”

Stenio Fabien,TAL


WOW! Thank you so much – it is truly a great feat when all the Directors are talking about how much they enjoyed your course and what changes they are wanting to make around JLL and Courageous Leaders delegation, coaching etc. You had them engaged and interacting all day!

Thank you for your passion and knowledge that you shared with all of us yesterday. It is evident that you love your job.”

Caroline Truran,Learning & Development Manager

“I wanted to express my thanks to Mandy and Leah and to let you know that you have made a significant contribution to Sanitarium across all levels of the organisation. You have challenged our thinking and behaviour in such a profound way. The anecdotal evidence of the changes that are being made within individuals and teams continues to be Sanitarium and Courageous Leaders seen and talked about – the ‘visible’ differences are being noted by people within the programme and those with whom they interact.

For someone who has been at Sanitarium for a long time, I can say that this leadership programme feels like a watershed event in our organisation’s history. You have given us the tools and the courage to step up to the leadership challenge and to embrace a new future for our company – thank you for facilitating such incredible learning with such a wide range of our leaders.”

Lucie Newport,Learning & Development Consultant

“Hi Mandy, I just wanted to jot a short note to say a very big THANK YOU! from our team. I have had great feedback about your style and how fun and engaging the session. Some even went as far as saying it exceeded their expectations.

People were sending texts to their Directors about how excited they were to impart their learnings. I have seen evidence today of someone using the techniques. It is great to see.

Thanks again so much.”

Tanya Craft,Director Human Resources

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for sending me your book. I’m very much looking forward to reading it. I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed your course and I’ve really taken a lot out of it and implemented some of the learnings into my day to day role. I’ve also used the information to help others in the business and improve their leadership and communication.”

Lincoln Neill,Brand Manager

“The leadership course that I attended today was very beneficial. By the far the best course I have attended since being at Sussan.

I’m glad I got to participate, thanks.”

Mark Steedman,Group Budget & Systems Manager

“Leah has worked with Children’s Medical Research Institute since 2015, helping teams and individuals understand each other and grow together. Leah has an innate talent to connect with people and explore their personal preferences, values and belief. She translates their increased self-awareness into fruitful relationships in the workplace and beyond. Leah has been a wonderful mentor for myself and a key connection in my life journey over the last two years. I highly recommend Leah for any coaching and mentoring work with yourself or your organisation.”

– Darren Capes-Davies, Head of Operations at CMRI

“I am so very proud I wanted to share with you that I was successful in my aspiration for promotion.

Since our coaching sessions, I have been in a far better head space at work and that has put me in a stronger position to absorb, learn and better manage my reactions. I am still working on the way I deliver messages, my tone of voice and the “bubbly” image and I think this will be a life long project but there has been an improvement big enough for me to be promoted!

Thank you very much for helping me untangle my head!”

– Executive Coaching client

“I just wanted to express my thanks at the very insightful and empowering conference last week.

You have helped me gain more confidence, be true to my personality traits and ensure that my values are not compromised as I aim towards finding my “ideal self”.

Sydney was a fantastic opportunity to engage with so many peers in similar situations and I know I certainly gained a lot from the discussion groups – not to mention the dinners!

Thank you again and I hope we get a chance to meet in the near future.”

Debbie, AIN Leadership Conference

“I just wanted to share with you how positive I have been feeling about putting into practice some of the lessons I have taken from your program. The knowledge I have gained around understanding people and the process of mentoring them has been enormous and I wanted to truly and sincerely thank you for this wonderful insight into how be a real leader in the tough times.

Had some of the changes we have been implementing come twelve months ago before working with Courageous Leaders we could have had a real recipe for disaster! Forever grateful and appreciative, Mandy!”

GM,Not for Profit Organisation

“Some quick feedback at the mid-way mark. I think the course has been excellent- it is a brave, forward thinking and courageous thing for us to do as a company and it has been profoundly enriching for me personally and those around me- the feedback at my level internally has been very positive.

I think you are to be commended on not just the quality, relevance and content of the material, but in the clear effort you put into little things like keeping us to time, considered partnering and continually encouraging everyone to challenge themselves.”

 2014 Participant