Successful strategy activation is achieved when leadership teams directly link strategy and leadership behaviours, creating the motivation for change. 

Our innovative approach anchors effective habits and behaviours and aligns them with business outcomes.

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Leaders everywhere are pushed and pulled by the urgent matters and situations demanded of them. Along with these demands, leaders are inundated with a surge of information and they face constant, often opposing and always ever increasing tension.

To face these tensions, operate under this pressure and deal with the information overload, leaders need to unleash their courage in such a way as to create sustainable organisations that are able to soar above the current way business is conducted.
The flow-on effect will ripple outwards into the wider community influencing a shift in all modes of problem solving, decision making, influencing and collaborating to achieve greater outcomes.

Each day leaders make decisions and execute choices. We need far more leaders to be courageous in these choices and decisions. Courageous leadership builds trust and empowers, unites and encourages leaders and people within an organisation – the ramifications for business cultures cannot be underestimated.

Our 12 modules are designed to support the development of the three critical facets of leadership mastery: self, relationship, and business mastery.
These 6 modules bring an operational focus and help your people managers to identify their ideal self and learn how to build, manage and maintain a high performing team.

Developing the capability of managers and leaders to have the critical conversations that lead to a high performance culture.


We pride ourselves on bringing high respect for the individual; recognising they each bring a different way of thinking, communicating, reacting and are splashed with varying levels of emotional and intellectual intelligence. We are proud of our community of people who are passionate and care about making a difference to each individual and organisation who engages us.




“I have been fortunate to have been involved in the Courageous Leaders program led by the inspiring Mandy Holloway.

Mandy has a wonderful gift of being able to unlock your thinking and help to reframe the possible. This has helped myself and others on this program to becoming inspiring and Courageous Leaders. Her work is powerful in its delivery and outcomes.”

Mark OsborneProgram Manager, Local Government Procurement