Meet The Team

Kevin Holloway
Strategy Activation
Behaviour Change specialist
Business Management Consultant
Business Coach

Kevin has assumed the role of CEO and utilises his experience obtained in collaborating with Mandy and in business management consulting since 1989. He brings his focus on best practices in strategy and systems to help our clients get the best from their investment in their people. Kevin’s passion is consulting and coaching businesses/owners and leaders to develop people and systems to perform efficiently in a practical and real environment.

width"""150"Mandy Holloway
Courageous Leadership Facilitator
Strategy Activation
Behaviour Change specialist
Executive Coach
Mentor and Keynote Speaker

Mandy’s empathy based style and her ability to intimately understand the on-going pressure faced by business leaders is grounded through her personal leadership experiences as a partner of KPMG and now the challenging experiences with our diverse client base. Combining her strong business background with her learning expertise means she designs, develops and delivers initiatives that achieve sustainable results. Mandy’s passion, dedication and courage touch everyone who participates in all the initiatives she facilitates.

Mikala Holloway
Business Manager

Mikala joined the team in 2018 after completing her degree from the University of Sydney. She took on the role of Business Manager in 2019 after learning the ropes as Office Administrator and now works closely with Kevin overseeing the financial and operations side of the business.

Nicole Robertson
Engagement Specialist

Nicole joined the team at Courageous Leaders in 2010 as a marketing consultant and looks after social media, email campaigns, website management, marketing collateral and other marketing-related projects

In Memorium

Mandy Holloway

Following her unexpected passing in April 2022, Mandy’s passion and dedication to inspiring leaders to be couragous and authentic in leading their teams, organisations and themselves continues. Over two decades she designed and developed initiatives that have achieved sustainable results for dozens of clients and her body of work is expansive. Co-founder Kevin Holloway and the team are dedicated to ensuring her work continues to be drawn upon by trusted colleagues and co-facilitators in the services Courageous Leaders offers to their clients.