Organisational Culture Inventory

Organisational culture has an enormous impact on people and performance

  • discover why people behave the way they do
  • understand areas to work on for improvement
  • achieve organisational goals

Organisational Culture Inventory (OCI)

Organisational culture and effectiveness is interpreted, initiated, and monitored with the Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI®) and the Organisational Effectiveness Inventory® (OEI).

The OCI measures organisational culture through how members think and act by looking at their behavioural norms through a survey. Organisational culture chart

As culture influences behaviour and therefore how well an organisation works to meet its goals and objectives, the OCI is a useful tool to discover:

  • What makes an organisation’s members behave the way they do
  • Highlights areas to work on to improve member fulfillment
  • Create an atmosphere of high performance
  • Assist in meeting organisational goals

Organisational culture has an enormous impact on its members – either positive and fulfilling or negative and unfulfillling. It can determine how one acts, how productive one is and how members of the organisation interact with one another.

Organisational Effectiveness Inventory (OEI)

The OEI provides information to the organisation about itself – its effectiveness and its impact on members of the organisation. This inventory looks at the experiences members undertake through internal systems and processes and how these can impact on culture. This can lead to the identification of areas that may be negtively impacting on culture and therefore are a target for change.

Together with the OCI, this inventory provides an insight into areas for improvement and can assist with setting strategies for improving organisational performance, member engagement and teamwork. The OCI and the OEI fit together to measure the complete relationship between values, causal factors, operating culture and outcomes.

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We partner our individual clients to inspire people to be courageous leaders while achieving strong bottom line results and high levels of staff engagement for the business.

Practical and achievable solutions that build and sustain changed behaviours are created as we build relationships with clients that encourage each of us to:

  • bring the whole person to the relationship
  • share knowledge
  • create a trusting and caring relationship
  • accept self-accountability
  • use and value creativity, intuition and inspiration.

We underpin these values with a great respect for the individual. We recognise each individual has a different way of thinking, communicating, reacting and is splashed with varying levels of emotional and intellectual intelligence.

Leaders are inspired into action by the 12 distinguishing attributes of our program:

  • Business credibility
  • Disciplined framework
  • Intellectual rigour
  • Insights
  • Power of reflection
  • Focus on the whole person
  • Flow and connectivity
  • Focus on ideal self
  • Action orientation
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Emotional and real connection
  • Courage to unlock blind spots

We work closely with executives to design and deliver the kind of coaching program they want. Using extensive experience, expertise and capabilities we aim to challenge any executive we coach.

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We partner our individual clients to inspire people to be courageous leaders while achieving strong bottom line results and high levels of staff engagement for the business.