About Us

Courageous Leaders is an ongoing collaboration between Kevin and Mandy Holloway and has been in existence in different forms since 1995. In 2007 we developed our Courageous Leaders Model and it is a foundation to what we deliver.

We pride ourselves on creating the right resource capability to create success for our clients, giving them access to an incredible depth of expertise and experience. Our way of working together is totally innovative and we model the behaviours you desire for your leadership population.

We are proud of our community of people who are passionate and care about making a difference to each individual and organisation that engages us.

Underpinning what we do for our clients and within our community are our values of being:

    • ¬†Authentic
    • Caring
    • ¬†Accountable; and
    • Practical

We pride ourselves on bringing high respect for the individual; recognising they each bring a different way of thinking, communicating, reacting and are splashed with varying levels of emotional and intellectual intelligence.

Creating success for your business

The caring and courageous way we do business means the return on investment for your development initiative is just as important to us. Because we care we work as hard as you do to ensure you reap benefits from your chosen solution and receive the returns on investment you need to justify the energy, money and time expended. At all times we courageously work to align program outcomes with your organisational objectives.

    • Working collaboratively is at the heart of our client relationships
    • Working towards self-sustainability for our clients
    • Working in relationships that encourage each of us to grow by sharing knowledge, supporting each other and
    • challenging each other with positive intent.

We are courageous in the way we build relationships with our clients and we believe this brings a level of uniqueness to the solution developed and delivered for you.

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