Facilitated Workshops to:

– drive behaviour change

– create powerful habits

– bring deep purpose

– align with business outcomes

These energetic and thought provoking 90-minute workshops will ignite change. Choose the content that best aligns with the business outcomes you seek and the culture you are building.

We facilitate thinking so your people can find their context and are encouraged and inspired to take actions that culminate in powerful and sustainable habits.

From the menu below, choose the best content combination for your people: 

COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS – accountability to engage in conversations

DELEGATION – trust, empowerment and accountability to deliver right outcomes, at right time and to right level of quality

SUPPORT – for the kind of high performance expected after delegating

BASICS OF FEEDBACK – giving and receiving it constructively so resistance is overcome

BUILDING RESILIENCE – anxiety first aid for self and others

COACHING – appreciate how to stop advising and start facilitating others thinking

TRUST – discover the foundation of high performance

HIGH PERFORMANCE – knowing optimal time and way to lead and to manage

MANAGING MYSELF – to be best version of self and to inspire that in others

CONFLICT – how to ignite and resolve conflict constructively

CHANGE – embracing and leading change to inspire corporate implementation

DEEP CONNECTION – to enable emotional and intellectual connection within teams

INFLUENCE DECISIONS – appreciate the 5 distinct phases to influence others

HARD CONVERSATIONS – enabling people to “rumble don’t grumble”

STRENGTHEN EI – to bounce back, adapt, remain composed and assert emotions

LEARNING AGILITY – have your people adapting and continuously improving

OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE – expectation clarity through regular conversations

PIVOT WITH SPEED – explore how to pivot in your team and in your industry

DECISION MAKING – Challenge the speed, ownership and process using OODA

TRUSTED ADVISOR –  strengthening and deepening stakeholder relationships

TACTICAL CONVERSATIONS – enterprise alignment

EXCEPTIONAL REMOTE WORK – productive, creative and collaborative environment when working remotely


Increased connectivity within teams

Faster decision making

High performing teams recovery ready

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Energetic and thought provoking 90-minute virtual workshops that will ignite change. Choose the content that best aligns with the business outcomes you seek and the culture you are building.