Research & Insights: Building Teams, Managing Change and Managing Others


We have noticed a definite theme on the work we have been doing this year. It’s about the importance of the individual and in three main areas:

  • the importance of the individual when leading teams
  • the importance of the individual in managing career progression
  • the importance of the individual in leading and managing change

The Needs of Teams

Managing a team is a discipline and it takes consistency, authenticity and an honest approach to build a team that performs. Each time there is a change in the team – for example new members, new directions, a conflict, a need to ramp up performance – the team development needs change.

Managing Others, One Conversation at a Time

Achieving the balance between people and and task is incredibly challenging and the nature, content and purpose of conversations continually transitions. Managing others is a lifelong journey of learning and self-awareness.

Leading Change

Too many business leaders get caught up in the successful outcome of the change initiative and forget to focus on the impact of the transition itself. It is critical for leaders to recognise that inner change must happen before outer change occurs in a totally committed and successful way.

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