Research & Insights – Habit Building is the Key to High Performance

There’s no doubt we’re living and working in a time of immense change, and the impact of this constant churn is that leaders need to become more agile in implementing change to achieve or maintain high performance. To succeed, change must be embedded in the daily habits and behaviours of senior leaders, managers and every single employee.

The Psychology of Habits

Routines and habits are the key to consistency, which is the key to achieving goals. So knowing how to form a habit is important. This article looks at how to form habits that stick, serving as a practical guide using research and real examples of how to build a habit that lasts

The Magic of Habit Change

Habit change and sticking to a commitment are hard. So how do we make them stick? By understanding the motivations behind behaviour, it allows us to shift it. 

How to Build New Habits

Understanding how to build new habits (and how your current ones work) is essential to make progress. We take a look at a simple guide for building new habits that will actually stick. 

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