Research & Insights – Strategy Activation: Linking Strategy and Leadership Behaviours

After the year that was 2020, the creation of strategy to re-set organisations for the future are well underway. However it’s important to recognise the difference between the production of a strategy and implementation of this strategy.

Strategy activation is about bridging the gap with leadership behaviours that lead to performance and execution across an organisation.

Activation through People

There is value in investing in strategy and when managed properly, it can be an effective driver of growth and change. Yet too often, the key element that makes a strategy effective is overlooked: people.

It is people doing things differently to produce new results that make a strategic vision a reality.

Pitfalls of Strategy Activation

Executing strategy is notoriously difficult and typically not undertaken well within companies or by leadership teams. It’s not only about what business outcomes need to impacted, but also why and how.

This, and other common pitfalls to avoid during strategy activation efforts, are outlined.

Creating Context

Strategy activation is highly dependent on the people who report to members of the leadership team. This level of middle managers and people leaders within any organisation must be ready for – and committed to – strategy activation or it won’t work. 

This commitment comes from purpose filled conversations that create context in their day to day work.

Strategy Activation Webinar

Our 25-minute webinar shared the criticality of assessing key elements of a strategy to understand the business outcomes they must impact, and identifying the behavioural capabilities that will be required in order to achieve it. Watch an overview here. 

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