Research & Insights – Waves of Energetic Movement


This quarter we look at what we call ‘waves of energetic movement’ in business. That is, a congruence between business mastery and self mastery that anchors authenticity and provides leaders with the courage to ‘do the right thing’. Success means all stakeholders – both internal and external – trust leaders to do the right thing for the sustainability of the business.

We recognise three distinct ‘breaks’ in these waves of energetic movement:

  • Reconnecting – with purpose, with others and with work that makes a difference
  • Responsibility – personal, community and organisational ‘soul’ responsibility
  • Revelation – full disclosure by self, organisations, politicians and stakeholders

Waves of Energetic Movement and Courageous Leaders

Courageous Leaders look for more than bottom-line performance and know that their people expect more too. Business needs to be about so much more than shareholder value. It needs to be about so much more than growing the personal wealth of the top leaders and growing the wealth of critical stakeholders.

Abundance and Scarcity

Energetic flows surround us. One that is hard to ignore is the negative flow of energy about the business environment. So what happens to the behaviour of our leaders when they become stuck in a cycle of negativity?

The Tsunami of Toxicity

It is more widely understood and proven now that everything we experience is energy and that the only thing that differentiates between the wooden desk we sit at and say, our skin or our thoughts is a difference in the frequency of that energy. The desk vibrates at a slower frequency which makes it appear and feel to us as solid, than our thoughts, which are not even visible to our eyes but we know they are there and it’s all energy just in different forms.

This can be a big challenge to accept through our logical and rational brain which is looking to satisfy the tangible five senses, I mean, how can I be made up of the same stuff as an inanimate object! But truth is, we are and we are all vibrating away omitting and receiving waves of energy both emerging and existing leaders.

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