Research & Insights – Leading through Crisis to Recovery

As we tentatively explore the shift from COVID-19 lock down in its different stages to recovery in a new environment, leaders have the tough task of navigating the way forward. This is amidst the reality and continued threat of a second/third wave, global economic and political uncertainty and a constantly shifting consumer landscape.

Building and Maintaining Culture

Now more than ever culture is important to the ongoing productivity, workflow and ongoing continuity of the business. Mandy and four of her global colleagues explore the question – “How do we maintain our culture when I can’t call a quick huddle or bump into someone on the way to a meeting? Remote working is impacting our culture. What can we do?”

Deepen Connection

While people work remotely and under great emotional pressure, it is critical for deeper levels of connection and this is driven by the leaders. Mandy explores the amplification of leadership gaps, emotional resilience and communicating vs connecting.

Business Continuity

Organisations of all sizes are having to reshape their priorities and resilience to ensure the continuity – and success – of their business going forward. Here we look at differentiating rebooting from returning, finding focus during chaos and uncertainty, and developing a transition mindset to navigate moving two steps forward and one step back.

Facilitated Workshops

In this online meeting world we all now inhabit daily, we bring you a virtual or in-person, cost-effective system of sessions and conversations to help your leaders and their teams navigate uncertainty, create new possibilities and strengthen the foundations of leadership and management together.

Choose the content that best aligns with the business outcomes you seek and the culture you are building to ignite change among your people.

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