Every time we turn on the TV or read social media we are confronted by another COVID-19 update. We are experiencing firsthand the impact of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) on our working and personal lives.

What’s currently happening?
We are all rapidly navigating our way through new rules of operating at work and at home and all hinge on physical isolation:

  • Social distancing
  • Increased/compulsory remote working
  • Cancelled face to face meetings, training and “away” days for teams for any purpose.

Why consider alternatives?
Consider substituting physical events with alternative ways to engage people in purpose-filled conversations that generate the sense of belonging needed for you to navigate your way through COVID-19 in a sustainable way.

We have compiled our experiences and insights into the most effective ways to lead teams constructively through such a crisis:

Why lead constructively?
Leading constructively relies on:

  • Purposeful communication (regularly)
  • Vulnerability
  • Providing updates to your proactive and realistic view to the future
  • Avoiding the desire to bunker down in “getting things done”
  • Connection with others as we navigate together to minimise fear.

How does leading constructively help?
Open and honest conversations will:

  • Reduce the impact of the “grape vine” and “hysteria” being ignited by social media
  • Increase connectivity within your team so they “pull together”
  • Engage people in real conversations that have a constructive purpose
  • Give people space to let their guard down, unburden themselves and just be real
  • Lift everyone with curiosity, creativity and clarity about what we are facing and how we can face it together.

How do we navigate this together?
Together we:

  • Design content for a series of purposeful conversations your managers are asked to engage in with their teams to ensure everyone feels connected to the future
  • Build habits within the management/leadership team to manage the performance and engagement of a remote workforce navigating lots of imposed change
  • Gather qualitative and quantitative data that keeps the Senior Leadership Team informed about what is happening in the business as a result of these conversations.

We are expertly and rapidly doing this with clients using virtual tools like Zoom, the Actionable Conversations habit building platform and our learning and change design capability to bring deep purpose, powerful habits and business outcomes alive in action.

Start a conversation with us and let’s customise your navigation!