ageless-millennials Increasingly we read about the multi-generational issues facing leaders in business – as they come to grips with up to four generations working in their teams. We read in various publications and blogs about the ways in which the Millennials differ from predecessor generations – we learn that they:

  • embrace technology and consequently are the most interconnected generation using all social media channels to do so and can collaborate without fear of asking for assistance
  • seek collaborative environments where hierarchy does not get in the way of sharing and respecting ideas to enable innovation
  • want leaders who inspire them and provide meaning for the work they do
  • need to be “rallied” into a collaborative team structure that ignites their passion while providing enough structure to harness their technological expertise, desire to multi-task and yet create a true business advantage
  • will bring a focus on individual high performance and need a leader who can stretch their thinking to see high performing teams comprise high performing individuals – without constraining their own performance.

Upon reading this list I absolutely concur with the sentiment espoused in the Weekend Edition of The Herald where hotels are challenging Airbnb with the mindset of segmenting their client base differently and they have invented the “ageless millennials” – this is a group of people transgressing ALL generations. No matter the generation they were born into they want exactly the same things as Millennials and find the younger generations refreshing in their thinking and aligned with the changes they have wanted to initiate.

I say bring on the “ageless millennials” in business; let’s stop assessing and labelling people by their age and assess by their attitude and desire to challenge the status quo. The wisdom from all generations is going to be incredibly powerful when we unleash it collaboratively!