Working with a wonderful group of participants we explored the difference between challenging, betrayal and loyalty when it comes to building a high performing team.

On the flipchart I drew a big U shape and right through the middle of this U I drew dotted lines and wrote up CHALLENGING; I then wrote loyalty on one side of the U and on the opposite side I wrote betrayal. Through conversation with the participants I was able to explain that when you use challenging as a business behaviour you are upfront, honest and inspiring – you own your thoughts and you have your back. While loyalty and betrayal are either side of the spectrum and result in you either needing to cover your back if you use betrayal or using loyalty for protection of your back – either way you do not openly share what you think and feel.

It was a rich distinction and one that helped people see the true value of challenging as a critical business  behaviour. Courageous Leaders challenge and as a result continue to learn and develop with great agility.