confidentialRecently speaking to a group of business leaders about being a courageous leader and the topic of confidentiality was  raised again as an “excuse” for the lack of open and honest conversations between Existing and Emerging Leaders.

My challenge back to these leaders is that being on the receiving end of the confidentiality excuse tells me you don’t trust me with the information. Eventually my response will be – why should I trust you with my insights, thoughts and information?

We then experience the expansion of the wedge of fear between these populations of leaders as people fear owning their truth and sharing it openly. This is not conducive to a high performing and purpose filled culture.

So the next time you tell yourself the information is confidential and you are not going to share it………hold up a mirror and ask yourself these hard questions:

1. why don’t I trust these people with this information?

2. how would I feel in their shoes when being told I’m not getting relevant information because it is deemed confidential?

3. what would need to happen for me to feel “safer” in sharing the information?

4. what are the “real” risks in sharing the information – differentiate actual from perceived?