The more courageous you become the more essential it is to make time to replenish your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy. To be courageous uses enormous amounts of energy and as I have experienced over the last week it is critical to make the time to replenish and just be “present” with yourself – engage in a conversation with yourself to check out how you are going and what you are feeling. Yesterday I went for a 90 minute walk around the lake and just spent time with our beloved dog who does not require too much conversational attention and myself – soaking up the serenity and enjoying a fast pace!

You also need trusted life partners, friends and colleagues who are prepared to listen, to reflect back what they are seeing and hearing, to challenge what is happening and maybe help you see the situation differently………and these kinds of conversations do much to replenish the energy banks. Take a few moments to reflect on what you do to regularly replenish your energy sources.