The Ageless Millennials

Increasingly we read about the multi-generational issues facing leaders in business - as they come to grips with up to four generations working in their teams. We read in various publications and blogs about the ways in which the Millennials differ from predecessor...

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Back to Basics when Leading

In our current environment of VUCA - volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity - leaders are inundated with "stuff". They receive hundreds of emails each day, most probably the same number of phone calls, don't forget the back to back meetings and of course...

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Leading Light and Fast

Traditional and experienced ways of leading are not necessarily going to serve organizations into the future. Our Courageous Leaders facilitators increasingly challenge top leadership teams during workshops and programs to examine their current status quo and identify...

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Taking time to have fun

Our holiday experience at the start of this year provoked insight into the importance of pure and simple "fun". Upon reflection I believe too many of us "grown ups" have lost this ability - we are far too busy in our daily lives concentrating on what we need to "do"....

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