the criticality of agilityOn the way back from the gym this morning I heard the presenter share some “Oprah Pearls of Wisdom” and it went like this – just BE in the now (in the present moment) because you can’t do anything to change the past and you cannot control the future. Much better to live in the “moments” of the day and stop worrying about either of the past or the future.

Interestingly I was in the presence of a dozen CEOs earlier in the week and as they talked about their challenges one of them shared how almost “useless” it was to plan for the future as things were changing so rapidly. He exclaimed about the uselessness of a 5-year plan and spoke about the criticality of agility!

And isn’t agility all about adapting to the moments you find yourself in – being able to consider the moment through a different lens and making a choice that enables you, the business you are leading, the family you are leading remain relevant and connected to both of the present and the future?

I encourage you to take a moment and reflect on what I am saying and determine what you are going to do differently as a result. I know I am really challenging myself to increase my presence in the moment – and this is extra hard as I love to daydream and imagine the future.