good-bad-uglyInteresting to appreciate that most people debrief only when things have gone wrong so they can learn from the event debriefing on the good, the bad and the uglyand choices and determine what to do differently next time. And yes this is very important and I don’t in any way discount the importance of such a conversation. I implore people to continue with such debriefs so they can learn and adapt – creating the agility so badly needed in our current and future business environment.

However I want to stress the importance of debriefing when you achieve brilliant results – why? I hear you asking? It is just as critical to capture what worked really well and consequently position yourself to replicate the performance.

Without such rigour you risk tweaking things next time because it is human behaviour to do so and then risk being disappointed when the results are not as good – because you don’t know what you actually did to create such success and therefore could tweak something that was critical to your earlier success.

The moral of this story is that you need to debrief the good, the bad and the ugly – learn from all of it.

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