courage without CARE won't workI am germinating another idea for a book and welcome your public or private feedback.

I’ve been working with leaders for nearly 15 years, inspiring them to be courageous in the way they lead themselves, others and the business. While doing this I have come to acknowledge that courage without care won’t work – where CARE is defined as:

C hallenge with good and kind intent
A gility
R esilience
E motional intelligence.

Have these conversations with good and kind intent; don’t bring a competitive mindset with your ego driving you to “win” your way. There is a fine line between ego and passion.

Being courageous requires the agility to learn, to change and to disrupt the status quo.

When engaging courageously with self and others everyone requires the resilience to be challenged and not take it personally. They need to be able to “bounce back”; especially from failure. Embracing your vulnerability with courage requires the resilience to stay in the space until you resolve it.

Bringing self awareness and using self management is critical for courage to be unleashed constructively. Choosing your responses consciously rather than the impulsive reaction many of us are triggered to employ especially when under the “stress” of being courageous!

So there you have it and we would love to receive your initial thoughts and ideas.