Giving feedback upwards to an existing leader is always incredibly challenging – not only in making sure you get your message across and that it is heard, but also the anxiety that accompanies the unknown of how the recipient will respond. For many emerging leaders, giving feedback upwards is a difficult, cumbersome and fearful experience.

When preparing to give feedback upwards, there is something to remember: it is that you REAP what you TOLERATE.

If you continue to put up with the experiences created, the behaviours (good or bad) exhibited and the demands that are being made then you are giving feedback already – that it is OK for you to be treated in this way.

Silence is tolerance and therefore acceptance.

Courageous leaders (and courageous emerging leaders) don’t tolerate, they ENGAGE in the feedback conversation no matter the feeling of fear. They step out onto the ledge of learning (that narrow, unguarded, unsafe ledge!) and have the conversation.

Have you given feedback upwards? How did you go?