kindness is the essence of courageous leadershipWhen watching and listening to people engage in conversations with colleagues while they try to achieve performance and produce results, it never ceases to amaze me how far too often basic human kindness is forgotten.

We forge ahead irrespective of what is happening for others within the conversation. We have outcomes and we refuse to allow emotions to get in the way. Instead they are put on hold while we complete important tasks and create outcomes.

Yet if we stopped, we would realise it is actually these emotions and the lack of attention we pay to them that generally gets in the way of achieving outcomes in a timely and effective manner.

To take the time and create the focus to notice what is happening for other people takes courage. It requires a deep sense of self worth and a belief in the power of others. Taking this moment allows you to exude small acts of kindness in the moment. These make all the difference to how engaged people feel, their sense of belonging and belief in their significance. Worthy of the small moments you create.